Reviews of Solo Shows
"...visually stunning, all preshow contact and setup was very professional and well considered, all communication was prompt and clear, and the show was also very professional and exactly what we had asked for, but better!"
"The show provided by SparkT  for our event was professional, visually stunning, answered all the requirements, and was superbly presented"
“... the quality and performance was absolutely fantastic She was just a delight, and the show was ooh, uh and whistles that sort of stuff from the audience. Most of the guest had never seen anything like it before and kept asking how I found her etc... I thought sparkles was just brilliant and the performance spellbinding, ... you wanted to see more with the hooler hoop and how did it change colour was the question for the night...
"... 3 hoops all ablaze! That is insane!"


​Reviews of “Fire and Breath” ADELAIDE FRINGE *SOLD OUT*
"Awesome show, very talented fire performance, great story telling, and the music went well with the show"
"Great show guys!!! At any price this show is a bargain. Fire dancing, spoken word, percussion/didgeridoo/guitar, intoxicating mix that creates a soundscape, and visual feast to stir the mind. Definitely check it out!!"
"Fantastic show- a real gem of the Adelaide Fringe!!!!! Great and subtle use of fire, darkness, spoken word and fire poi to full effect. Slamming poi and hoop performance at the end made it all the more better!!!!!! So glad I went!!! "
"Fire And Breath is a performance piece with wonderful vocals, an unusual mixture of musical instruments and fire dancing to a monologue. The didgeridoo worked very well, and the fire and dancing was alluring. I could have listened to the vocals and watched the fire dancing all night...... being mesmerised by the fire show going on in front of me. There was a lot happening all at once, and when the dancer got going, you couldn’t take your eyes off her or the ribbons of fire streaking across the room..... it was very good and will be enjoyed by young and old."
"Final Word: Captivating."
"Bridie Longhorn"
"Rip It Up."